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Lindsay Lohan is Hanging Out With Farm Animals of the Day

I guess times are tough for Lindsay Lohan, not because she’s single and amazing, or because it’s the recession and she’s not getting much work and not because she only tipped this delivery dude $1.20, but because she’s hanging out with a piece of garbage pig of a girl Brittny Gastineau, who has a very deep rooted uselessness that includes a very sexy twitter relationship with me, I mean when she’s not too busy eating food, cuz foods her top priority, and that’s why she tipped the dude so low, because he’s actually on her payroll, cuz bringing food to her at various places is a full time fuckin’ job, otherwise like other fat chicks, she gets all hypoglycemic and a hypogylcemic fat chick is always a fuckin’ headache.

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