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Anja Rubik Shows Off her Nipple in Some Magazine of the Day

Anja Rubik is a Polish 27 year old model who escaped a communist life of working the circus as a gynmast bear trainer or whatever it is Polish people do in circuses, eating rationed bread and toilet paper….or working in the sex trade being human trafficked while communism fell and the whole sex trade exploded….and somehow became a model who still shows her tits, but for serious money and in a “fashion” context that gets overlooked as porn, or NSFW, but instead gets seen as art, edgy and interesting, when really all it is is a well-lit nipple slip….

Don’t get me wrong, I love this bitch’s nipples. I just hat hypocrisy cuz when a slut shows her nipple to the world, she’s still a fucking slut and not someone who should be seen as anything but a slut…ya heard?

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