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Audrina Hanging with Fat Chicks of the Day

I don’t like The Hills or any of the people it unintentionally threw up who became celebrities, but there’s something about these pictures that I find hot. Maybe it’s Audrina’s stumpy legs and round ass, or maybe it’s the look on her face that reminds me of the time I was working as a janitor at a mall and this old man just kinda sat in the food court with these empty look on his face for 8 hours before we checked on him to find that he was dead, or maybe it’s the fact that she’s got big round fake tits and I’ve never seen big round fake tits like they are something magical, oh wait, I have seen fake tits on numerous whores and I never get impressed with that shit cuz it’s like getting impressed over someone’s new t-shirt or someshit, so I guess I find these hot because she hangs with fat chicks cuz fat chicks are what my life is all about and as miserable as they are, they are always fascinating to watch eat.

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