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Lindsay Lohan’s Fat Lips of the Day

I like Lindsay Lohan….I really do and I don’t think I’ve ever done anything on the site to prove otherwise. I think that over the last 5 years of doing this, she’s looked pretty hot at least once, she’s brought me some entertainment at least once, she’s “accidentally” flashed her vagina at least once, she’s flashed tit at least once, she’s marketed herself as a sex addict which is something I admire and then she did the whole lesbian thing and over the course of that time, I managed to become best buddies with her, at least best buddies according to me, she doesn’t know I exist….

So when I say that she’s gone really fucking overboard with her lips, I mean it in the nicest way, as a friend would tell another friend that they got a bad haircut, because although fat lips create blowjob fantasies, even when lesbians have them, way too fat lips just bring up spousal abuse fantasies and as much as I love punching my wife in the face, it’s not something I really ever get away with.
Seriously, I’ve read that Lohans’ been having relationship issues with Ronson, not that I ever believed they were actually a couple, but asking the plastic surgeon to do build a swollen pussy on her mouth is no way to lure new pussy, but it is a good way to get the job you always wanted as the clown at the circus.

The good news is that these lip injections are offered at the local spa, and shit will eventually go back to normal, but there’s gotta be some serious self-esteem issues to make a girl do this in the first place, a real fuckin’ issues if they think it’s hot. I guess there’s just a whole lot of pressure on today’s generation, when all they really need to learn is that as long as they put out and aren’t fat, they’re good to go.

Pictures via INFphoto

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