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Phoebe Price and Her Fatty Lips of the Day

Phoebe Price has reason to celebrate because the paparazzi took a fucking picture of her and that means she counts. Good job Phoebe. I gotta say I like her party get up, those lips are what weird dude with anime fetishes would totally love to get their hands on to use as a pocket pussy and imagine the glorious sensation of getting your dick sucked.

Speaking of getting my dick sucked, I think I need to leave my wife because she’s being retired like a Jersey at a basketball game, only without all the glory, you know now that I have international Twitter success, internet succes it’s time to start fuckin’ bitches I don’t know badly, send in your pictures, I’m ready and promise you the worst sex with the smallest dick you can imagine if you’re down with a little treasure hunt through all the fat….it’s a celebration of disgusting…

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