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Rosario Dawson at Newsweek’s Fourth Annual Women and Leadership Conference of the Day

I wasn’t invited to the Fourth Annual Women and Leadership conference, but Rosario Dawson was asked to attend this feminist shit, because I guess no one else answered their calls, considering her career involves being a Hollywood slut and has done nothing much for leadership, other than telling one of the dudes she’s fucking that they need more coke, but maybe I don’t represent the ideal feminist, and just can’t relate to them or understand their logic,maybe I am what feminists are against and part of the reason they have been holding Women and Leadership conferences the last four years, coincidentally the same amount of time I’ve been writing this site, but I think it’s perfectly normal to look at these pictures and try to look up Rosario Dawson’s skirt, I mean who really cares what she’s saying, we care about her pussy, so unless it’s her pussy’s doin’ the talkin, I’m not listening. I mean if girls used their vaginas as puppets and made them lips mouth the words coming out of their mouths, I’m sure we’d actually listen to them and we wouldn’t need this whole feminist movement. I guess the only way to find out is if you ladies out there start practicing in front of your mirror and cameras because I want video evidence in the next 24 hours to see if my theory is right.

This post has been brought to you in part by Sam Ronson.

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