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Ferne McCann’s Workout Photoshoot of the Day

I know FERNS, they are the most trendy hipster instagram plant ever. I went into a Home Depot the other day and they had WALLS of FERNS. People were buying them up for their Patios, or maybe for their COLD BREW COFFEE SHOP or maybe their MATCHA SHOP…you know tropical and perfectly matched to MILLENNIAL PINK….

Ferne McCann on the other hand, is not trendy and hot, or sold at home depot – she is some low level UK reality show star who was on teh show the TOWIE, which I assume is like Jersey Shore for London, and being on that show makes you matter amongst your peers, when you’re walking around, when you’re at events and out at the bar…you become masturbation fodder for the paparazzi because they know you have all the eagerness needed to do any content you can to get noticed…scandals, athlete husbands, whatever it takes to get noticed….

That gunt isn’t just her being fat, she she’s got a 6 month old daughter with some dude who is spending 20 years in prison for an “acid” attack…he threw acid across the packed dancefloor at Mangle nightclub in Dalston, East London during an Easter weekend night out in April 2017.

Here’s more on the baby daddy…

Arthur Collins is a former scaffolder and businessman from Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, who was known for dating Towie star Ferne McCann.

The Sun first revealed the pair were an item back in June 2016 – but they split following a trip to Ibiza.

The pair rekindled their romance the following March after Ferne failed to find love on reality show Celebs Go Dating.

Ferne later revealed she was keen to move in with Collins, telling OK! magazine: “We spend every night together anyway. Moving in is definitely the next step. And I know that seems a bit rushed, but when you know, you know.”

Following the acid attack and Collins’ arrest, Ferne released a statement confirming she was pregnant but had split from Collins.

She then publicly spoke on This Morning, where she broke down during the discussion.

She said: “This isn’t how I imagined my first pregnancy to be, but this isn’t about me… my main concern and priority is the baby.”

Once you get noticed, you start a health and lifestyle blog like everyone else to jusitify your slutty behavior in what would otherwise be a “wholesome” way, that brands want to participate in and that make you money…

Here’s her face injected face trying to rebrand what looks like a gutter hooker message.

I have no idea why I posted this…

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Ferne McCann Nude Selfie of the Day

When you don’t know who the person in the topless pic is…you know that the topless pic was leaked by them in order to ride the tail end of all the topless pics…hoping that no one will notice that she’s not relevant enough for anyone to hack…and hoping that she’ll get clustered in with everyone else…to get a very minimal amount of press…because they are just tits…and she’s not in it with someone who matters.

The real strategy, and if you’re an aspiring star, you can steal this…is to wait until this all blows over – and people are starved for nude celebrity content – then find yourself a low level celebrity preferably a married woman people know – fuck her and email me the video…I’ll take care of you becoming household…it’s easy…

THis Ferne McCann, from TOWIE, a UK Reality show, is failing at scandal….and to think she’s from a Reality show…where having no shame is what she does….and more importantly, Europe where tits are shirts…what a fail…

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