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Marisa Miller Shows Fat Housewives How To Get Her Tight Body in Cosmo of the Day

I am one of the few people I know who don’t think Marisa Miller should be a Victoria Secret/SI Swimsuit model because she has an old lookin’ face. Everyone gets mad at me when I say that I just don’t feel it when I see pics of her naked or half naked, they call me gay and an idiot and unrealistic because they know I’d die to fuck her, what they don’t know is that I’d die to fuck anyone at this point, dead or alive, it’s got that bad. My whole thing is bring in some new blood, you know girls who haven’t had their period for more than a couple of years, since I’ve always been told that real models are supposed to be scouted at 14 and getting huge jobs by 16, because they aren’t legal to have nude pictures of on your computer, but they are legal to masturbate to, but instead I get this 30 something fitness addict with fake tits and a tight body who is obviously hotter than the average chick, but not quite as fresh as new talent, I mean just think about how many times that pussy’s been wiped, licked, fingered, fucked to get it ahead, touched, infected, rubbed up against abrasive fabrics, inserted with vacuum cleaners to save her career from unwanted pregnancy, it is pussy that has seen better days, it is pussy I’d like to see replaced.

That said here she is showing off part of her work out regime, since her body’s really all she has left and bitch needs to make sure to keep it if she wants to be kept around, and now you can go imitate these work-out positions when jerking off, because I know you don’t agree with my opinion of her and everything she does turn you on and jerking off is better when you really get into it. O r you could just buy your wife this magazine encouraging her to get off her dumpy ass to make her worth fucking again, but that’s not going to work out for you, it’ll just make her mad, trust me I’ve tried before giving up on her. Good times.

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