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Celebrity Kid Titty Flash of the Day

I have no idea who this celebrity kid actually is, but the internet has decided that it’s Kate Beckinsale’s daughter, who unfortunately has been tainted by Charlie Sheen’s DNA, because he is her father and the reason Kate Beckinsale has AIDS….at least that’s the story I heard from a very reputable source….the whole Michael Sheen stepping in as the dad was just a cover-up, a convenient cover-up because they have the same last name…but I could be wrong…I am often wrong…

So, despite being hot in her own right, the entitled rich kid will never be Kate Beckinsale, you know the entitled rich kid in her own right, who got into a movie franchise about vampires and forgot to age…the fact she even has a kid this old is nonsensical…

Now I don’t know if this is her daughter titty flashing, but in the era where everyone has their tits out, there’s a chance it is….I mean girls send spread asshole pics to dudes who swipe right on a hook-up app without any thought, concern, fear of consequence…to have nudes of yourself is standard with owning a smart phone and being on social media…or being under the age of 50 but I’d argue even the 50+ crowd send titty pics to each other…

So celebrity kid or not…this is a tit flash to stare at until the lawyers email me confirming the rumors at which point I will remove the image because I don’t give a fuck about keeping them up for you ungrateful fucks even if it could mean getting an autograph from Kate Beckinsale to jerk off on, you know assuming she’d be financing the whole editing the daughter tits off the internet…

I saw why bother, it’s just tits, I mean if this was a sex tape they weren’t getting paid for, I’d get it…but tits….aren’t they European? I mean this is average beach attire…

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Gabrielle Union Flashing Some Bikini Bottom of the Day

I never heard of Gabrielle Union before, mainly because I’m not up to speed on black movies and the girls who are in them, despite having a thing for black girls. So I checked out her Wikipedia and the only thing that stood out was interesting was:

In 1992, at age 19, Union was attacked, beaten and raped at her part-time job in a shoestore.

You’d think that would have taught her not to wear a short skirt in public anymore….but based on these pictures of her flashing her cooch in her underwear for all sexually predators to get boners over, I guess she hasn’t….

Pics via Bauer

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