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Kanye West’s New Video Flashing Lights of the Day

Here’s Kayne’s fourth single from his album called Flashing Lights. If you’re wondering why I am posting it, it’s pretty fucking simple. There’s a girl stripping out of a dress and into some pretty serious lingerie with some pretty serious tits and a pretty serious ass and she’s killing Kanye so he can be with his Mama or some shit cuz little baby misses his Mama…

I remember a time before the internet when the only thing on TV to jerk off to was the music videos, late night infomercials, Jennifer Aniston’s tits on friends because her nipples were always hard, Gymnastic competitions, Swimming competitions, Figure Skating Competitions, scrambled porn, late night movies that would show a little nipple sometimes, fashion shows, the news, Roseanne, Grace Under Fire because I like lesbians, reruns of Giligan’s Island, the Brady Bunch….I guess when you’re a pervert there’s no shortage of shit to jerk off to but what I am getting at is that this is a music video that would have come in handy in a different era, so enjoy.

Girl in the video, will you be my Valentine…just don’t kill me, too many people will miss me….mainly me.

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