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Cameron Diaz is Flirting with the Fireman of the Day

I guess either Cameron Diaz’s Biological Clock is ticking, you know that whole really fucking horny at 35 bullshit you read about but wish doesn’t actually happen because your fat wife you married 10 years ago is turning 35 and you don’t want to have to fuck her twice a day like you were 18, you just want to watch football….or she’s lookin’ for new cock, maybe because all the guys she meets in Hollywood aren’t real men, you know they spend more time getting ready than a bitch, spend more time talking about what to wear or how to get their hair done than a bitch, and act worse that a bitch when they don’t get their coffee served to them proper, so she’s turned to an everyday joe fireman who happens to be on set of her new movie making sure a stunt goes right.

Based on these pictures they had sex cuz I can practically hear her pussy dripping down her fucking leg and into a puddle between her legs with how smitten she looks and I know any man in their right mind would pretty much put their life and prior commitments aside for a night with this bitch with the delusion that she’ll fall in love with them and take them long on her hollywood life.

Pics via Fame

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