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Sarah Palin Playing the Flute of the Day

What country is complete without a President or a Vice President who spent some of her youth participating in Beauty Pageants, wanting to be a journalist, losing to an Alaskan Salmon, only to end up in Politics, who is anti-feminists, who thinks women should be house wives, who’s daughter got knocked up when she was 16, who didn’t back down on her anti abortion morals, that we all know is just bullshit politics to get votes, and who pretty much contributed to ruining her daughter’s life, who seems like an idiot, who isn’t all that well spoken, unless maybe you’re some kind of Gold Prospector or Inuit, but who can play a serious flute….

People email me asking why I care about US Politics, like that it is so insane that I write about the shit, or laugh about the shit. The truth is that I don’t, but I think it’s pretty ignorant to think the rest of the world doesn’t care or has no business caring about who is running the USA, considering you live in a country that influences or affects every country in the world, especially the one attached to your obese, uneducated asses as well as the countries you are bombing. I think it’s everyone’s business and we are all still shocked that Bush won in the first place after the Florida scandal, that Bush won for a second term after his first embarrassing run and we all know that you people are on a suicide mission, and we’re trying not to be the one on the ledge with you trying to talk you out of it, because we know what we say doesn’t matter and you’ll just grab us by the collar and bring us down with you. It’s the American way. You egocentric, patriotic cocksuckers. I like people who can step back and see how they’ve done wrong, not drones who just think they’re the best because they are told they are the best and everything they do is the best because they are the ones doing it. Let’s have a little self hatred for a fucking minute and keep emotions at the fuckin’ door and realize that Bush is illiterate and running your country for the last 8 years…Does that make any fucking sense to you, I don’t even let illiterates do the cash for me at the grocery store.

Either way, here’s Palin’s only talent…at least according to her, enjoy.

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