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Some PETA Stunt For Foie Gras of the Day

I don’t know what PETA is trying to pull but they are protesting some store or restaurant because they sell Foie Gras. Now I’m not a foody, but I am also not an idiot, so I know what Foie Gras is, mainly because the last time I had a blood test, my doctor told me that I had a fatty liver from hard drinking and that I needed to shape up, I never did because I thought it made me luxurious like this duck liver that comes from jacking ducks up with food to the point of obesity before ripping their insides out and serving it as an overpriced delicacy.

Now I have tried it because I live in Quebec and I feel like this is a french thing and I wasn’t down with it because shit was fatty as fuck and I am not into expensive food, just give me some noodles and butter and I’m happy, but I don’t hate people who do eat it, but PETA does and this is yet another one of their stupid publicity stunts where people get half naked to make their point.

My theory is if you want to make a point PETA, you may want to hire models who don’t look like they’ve been eating Foie Gras the last three weeks to really understand their cause, you know when I see these girls I think they’re saying to not serve foie gras because they want it all for their fat selves, that means replace this sloppy fucking bitches with girls I’d actually take seriously. Until you do that, I’m going to head to my local park, steal one of the wild ducks and lock him in my bathroom feeding him until I can sell him for a small fortune to some Jews who are experimental in their eating.

Here are the pics of PETA making a mockery of a good cause, because I like animals, I just hate attention whores unless they are local enough for me to exploit.

If you look closely, one of them has a nipple. FInd it.

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