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For Love and Lemons Lookbook of the Day

for-love-lemons-summer-skivvies-2016 (33)

ForLoveandLemons is the instagram model, fame whore, sugar baby favorite lingerie company…

It’s the higher end, than the mall brands out there, you know the shit designed for poor people with a dream, instead it’s more trendy for poor hot girls with a dream to trick men into buying for them…because hot girls are not into what all the basic women are buying up…they are into what all the other basic hot girls who are all pretty much the same but on private jets are buying….

Bitches go nuts for this shit…and I appreciate that their markeitng shoots have nipple in them, with hot girls, even if the pics look at bit too instagram for me…I like it better than what other poeple are doing so here it is..

The models name is Samantha Gradoville and she’s amazing..

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