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French Montana’s Pop That Contest to Start the Day of the Day

I haven’t been to the strippers in a long fucking time…it’s been at least a month….For someone who used to go multiple times a day….for hours on end….doing my work and eating their free buffet while staring at ghetto cunts with bad attitudes dance badly…that’s a long fucking time…

I think as I got older and the pussy I got with got hotter…I realized that damaged hot girls with implants exist who don’t strip….and they are more fun cuz with stripping comes a whole gym bag filled with more than just regular clothes, but issues that even porn chicks don’t have….from seedy drug dealers, obsessed fans to the fact they think they are celebrities at some Miley Cyrus level fame while really they aren’t shit an attitude that may mask their just sad, depressed, miserable whore who have given up lives….but who don’t suck fucking dick, even for money…..

See I don’t care about saving girls or their issues, I care about being their issues cuz issues aren’t fun especially since non-stripper girls just slut out for free and are always better at it…..

But maybe I’m just hating cuz I don’t go to Strip Clubs like rapper French Montana – cuz this Pop That contest is awesome…

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