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Lindsay Lohan cuz It’s Friday of the Day

You know since Lohan and I are connected at the soul, I have a feeling she chose this outfit for me, only she fucked it up, because in my telepathic conversation I had with her while sitting in the park scaring kids, I clearly said no fucking bra. I am really surprised by it too, because she came to me in a dream last night, where we were having a line-dancing battle, and where I was the mean girl, and she clearly told me that she wouldn’t be wearing a bra. I figure if you go to the trouble to come to me in a dream, you’d at least fucking do what you said you’d do. God Lohan. get it together. Fuck.

Bonus _ Lindsay is the Model for some Fornarina campaign in Europe and shit is so hot it makes me wanna by women jeans, not that it took Lindsay Lohan to get me into women jeans..I’ve always loved the shit…they just fit better and make my ass look amazing..yeah, I don’t know where I am going with this but I do like the nun protesting in front of the store….I didn’t realize nun’s still existed…but they still turn me on…knowing they fuck the real Jesus and shit….

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