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Frieda Pinto Slumdog Legs for Grazia India of the Day

Frieda Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire fame, who is dating Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire fame and has been for close to a decade, even if she’s theoretically too hot for him, culturally they are the same, and to fuck a white man would just bring up issues with her family, reminding them of when the British ran their country.

I find the whole thing of sticking to your own kind racist. But unlike when white power people do it, it is racism that is never frowned upon. It’s like as a species, we accept that browns want to stick with browns, jews with jews and chinese with chinese, but the second you make a chinese, jew, or brown joke, you’re the fucking devil, meanwhile this Frieda bitch is the fucking racist, cuz she won’t let a Mexican up in her like this was a public bus in her motherland.

What too soon?

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Frieda Pinto Wears Her Oscar Pass of the Day

I love how this Slumdog Millionaire Indian chick is walking around with her Oscar all access pass or whatever the fuck that laminate is.

It’s like she knows that no one in Hollywood really has any idea who she is, despite being in the Picture of the Year and being pretty hot, because Hollywood is racist and assume if you’re brown you’re either part of the cleaning crew, there to set up, deliver food, sell beer at their convenience store or offer outsourced tech support for all major American brands and don’t really belong in front of the camera or on the red carpet.

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