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Alex Curran Rocks Some Fuck Me Boots of the Day

Here’s are some pictures of Alex Curran in some fuck me boots, even though she’s already been fucked and has 2 kids with her ‘footballin’ husband. It turns out that she’s another one of those UK bitches called WAGS who lands a footballer to marry because I guess football husbands are the closest thing to royalty, with blue collars and not blue blood bullshit cuz blue collar love blonds with fake tits as trophy wives while blue blood just like them to fuck and make disappear so they don’t cause a scandal with the media.

I also learned that Alex, writes a weekly column for the Daily Mirror about Shopping, which should probably be called how to seduce and get knocked up by rich men athletes so that you can buy designer clothes, attend all the right events and never ever work again.

Either way, I feel like a better person for looking up this girl today instead of just writing that I have no idea who the bitch is, so thanks wikipedia for being my teacher, because with you in my life, who really needs to know anything,

The highlight of these pictures is that they call Lays chips something different over there and that’s good news because it gives me something to talk to my wife about, we really only connect when we’re talking about food. but that’s just because it’s all she knows, I mean besides knowing how to be lazy as fuck.

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