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Alex Curran in a Bikini in Ibiza of the Day

Her name is Alex Curran, she’s apparently some WAG married to some Soccer player, named Steven Gerrard, who calls herself a model, because it makes her less of a hooker and more of an official wife that meets the criteria embedded in the soccer player culture – that as long as this girl has been in a magazine at least once, she’s marriage material, because cuz these soccer players don’t marry girls who aren’t in magazines, otherwise they are just hooker trash…it is part of the fabric of European soccer player code…you sign off on that shit when you become a player….

She’s in a bikini, in Ibiza, because apparently he didn’t want her anywhere around, she’d get in the way of groupies he wants to fuck, or some how make it about her, because that’s what Wife’s do…always…not just during the World Cup…


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Who the Fuck is Alex Curran of the Day

Alex Curran is some WAG and that doesn’t mean she’s got a tail, it means she’s some UK Footballer’s wife. So when he’s out fucking groupies, she’s at home spending his money and the whole thing seems to work because he knows she’s just a whore with him because he’s a pro athlete, using him for his money, and she knows that if she wants to keep living the glamorous life of luxury, she’s gotta put up with his shit.

I keep seeing her name come up, so I assume that something’s going on in her personal life, I just haven’t managed to bother researching it, so if you have some time on your hand, you may want to look into that, or not, I mean who really gives a fuck…

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Alex Curran is Rockin’ a Bikini Again of the Day

I don’t know who this clubslut who landed a soccer player is, but I have posted on her and her sloppy body in the past and I figure I should do it again, because she is still in her bikini, which isn’t a huge surprise considering all these soccer wives are always in their fucking bikinis as they spend their husbands money and drink their champagne and pump out babies because it makes for a better life than my life which isn’t saying much considering the dude with one-eye who works at my gas station where I buy chocolate milk has a better life than me.

I had a little altercation with a clubslut the other night. I was running my mouth off, teasing her about being Jewish and said that she gave me a blowjob in summer camp because I could tell she was a slut and would have to dig back into her archives of dicks she’s sucked. She was in her mid-30s and highly affected by the Sex in the City revolution and probably has been suckin dick or well over 20 years. really worked in her favor, except for the whole being alone while all her friends have families of their own and are at home breast feeding while she’s out railing lines off the toilet seat at shitty clubs or outside talking to the likes of me and taking home random man after random man until one of them is lonely enough to stick with her.

Anyway, she took offense to me teasing her for being a slut and asked me if I always rip on hot girls and what the fuck my hatred for hot chicks is all about and that is when I said that her theory would have a lot more bearing if she was actually a hot chick and I saw her little ego crumple before my eyes.

Her initial response was obviously to call me out for being fat and bitter and that she didn’t care about what I had to say because I was fat and I would never have a chance with her and my opinion was void, but the truth is that anyone can tell themselves that they are hot, but it doesn’t mean they are in fact hot and should be happy when someone is nice enough to tell them that they really don’t have it going on. It’s a lot better than the constant lies she falls for from various men who tell her she’s hot to get in her pants but don’t ever call her back once they are out of her pants, because the only thing hot abut her is that she’s drunk, has a vagina and is lookin’ for love.

In a lot of ways, I was just being a nice guy.

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Alex Curran Bikini Pictures of the Day

This is some wife of a Soccer Player named Alex Curran and by the looks of it, her husband seems to be doing the physical activity for the two of them because this bitch is sloppy. You’d figure that when you’re an athlete you’d put an importance on fitness and tight bodied girls to fuck would be standard, but the truth is these soccer players land coke addicted party sluts
that were groupy whores they met in clubs and who slowly worked their way up the social ladder with their vaginas, but I guess once she locked him down and got her retirement plan sorted out, she figured she could just let herself go and here’s the picture proof.

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Alex Curran Rocks Some Fuck Me Boots of the Day

Here’s are some pictures of Alex Curran in some fuck me boots, even though she’s already been fucked and has 2 kids with her ‘footballin’ husband. It turns out that she’s another one of those UK bitches called WAGS who lands a footballer to marry because I guess football husbands are the closest thing to royalty, with blue collars and not blue blood bullshit cuz blue collar love blonds with fake tits as trophy wives while blue blood just like them to fuck and make disappear so they don’t cause a scandal with the media.

I also learned that Alex, writes a weekly column for the Daily Mirror about Shopping, which should probably be called how to seduce and get knocked up by rich men athletes so that you can buy designer clothes, attend all the right events and never ever work again.

Either way, I feel like a better person for looking up this girl today instead of just writing that I have no idea who the bitch is, so thanks wikipedia for being my teacher, because with you in my life, who really needs to know anything,

The highlight of these pictures is that they call Lays chips something different over there and that’s good news because it gives me something to talk to my wife about, we really only connect when we’re talking about food. but that’s just because it’s all she knows, I mean besides knowing how to be lazy as fuck.

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