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The Precious Audition for Fat Teenage Girl Fetishists of the Day

Acting is funny. It’s like this is all made up. Bitch is sitting in a room talking to a woman and acting all hysterical. This is the kind of thing that gets you arrested if you do this kind of shit in the mall or at the drugstore or pretty much anywhere, but in Gabourey Sidibe’s defense, they showed her a bucket of chicken, two big macs and some chilli fries before this audition and said “read the fucking lines or you’ll never get to eat again” and hysterics, tears and bullshit ensued. Sure she’s an easy target…but don’t blame me for that…blame her pant size…if they even make pants in her size.

On a sidenote she got cast on a TV show, but unfortunately for her it wasn’t celebrity fit club….if she doesn’t do something she is gonna die…but then again I’ve been force feeding my wife for a decade hoping her obesity would make her die but all it’s done is made her more annoying, harder to deal with and more disgusting now that I have to wipe her ass 4 times a day.

On an influenced by the trash in Precious note…here’s an inspiring story about teenage lust and love…

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