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Lesbian Gang Story on O’Reilly of the Day

It turns out that there are lesbian gangs popping up across the nation, where these lesbians are rockin’ out like they are gangsta. They are recruiting kids as young as 10 to join their movement and the only prerequisite is that you have to hate cock. They commit violent crimes, rape young girls, carry around pink pistols and eat each other’s lesbian pussies and the whole thing kinda turns me on and reminds me of some kind of porn because I know if I had a group of girls beating me the fuck up, I’d totally get a boner and haven’t had one in what feels like years and I want to know what it feels like.

Either way, I guess the confusing thing for me is that if a girl gets raped by a dude, she usually can’t stomach cock the same way ever again, and turns dyke, so if a girl gets raped by another girl, that would lead to her to loving cock, and that can’t be a bad thing, especially if it’s your cock she’s lovin…..maybe all girls need to get raped by other girls so that more of you can get laid. If you think about what straight rape has done for the lesbian movement, maybe lesbian rape will do the same for the straight movement and we can all get rock our flannel shirts and construction boots together in pride.

I love lesbians even though lesbians don’t love me and want to join their gang, I can be an honorary member because let’s face it, I hate cock too, especially my own. Cuddles.

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