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Perez Hilton’ Gap Ad of the Day

So I don’t know what the booze did to me last night but it definitely left me brain chemically unbalanced today. I woke up with a smile, I walked around outside with a smile, I am giggling like a fucking group of homos watching Project Runway, or whatever it is that homos watch that make them giggle and I don’t really know what it is. I laughed when this hot girl told me my shirt made me look poor because it is a tourist shirt that says Los Angeles on it from god knows where and I got a real kick out of that, I laughed when another girl looked at me with disgust when I was checking out her ass in white sweat pants. I even laughed when some old man farted in line next to me, when I’d normally call him disgusting or something. I’ve just been on a high all fuckin’ day, maybe it’s a manic episode, but according to various psych evaluations, I am not bi-polar, maybe it’s just what not giving a fuck and just being satisfied with life and the funny things it throws our way, instead of being tightly wound and miserable. Who really knows, but it fells pretty fucking good, I should drink more often, Then I saw this ad Perez Hilton did for The Gap and it made me want throw in the towel and end it all, just like that my flowery, sunshine day turned to shit because I was reminded that those who are useless and don’t deserve fans, like the cast of The Hills and Perez, have idiots buying into their shit and corporations bank rolling them because they think they are what people like, giving them the exposure that makes the people who don’t know any better, learn about them and increase their stock value and it makes no fucking sense to me.

Watch this shit here if you’ve been debating suicide, this should be the determining factor that you’ve been missing up until now. You know that one thing to make you actually jump off the edge and not just stand there hoping someone comes and saves you….

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