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Holly Madison and Her Garden Gnome Cock of the Day

I am guessing this is not Travelocity’s new ad campaign encouraging safe sex while traveling where instead of fucking the shit out of local pussy/hookers you should find yourself some inanimate object to stick in your ass while jerking off, but I am not too sure what it is, maybe star fucking for a has been Playboy Model/Hefner Contract wife has gone down hill, and the only old famous phallus you can find is found in your neighbor’s trailerpark garden when you are on a drunken desperate search to get back into the limelight, that reminds me of many nights I’ve ended up in random yards, or in bed, hugging random things that I’ve brought home with me, like the night I woke up in the arms of Black Lawn Jockey , covered in puke, or maybe she’s just trying to be funny, either way, at least she’s in lingerie, because as we all know, that’s all she has going for her…and even that is fading…so if you’re a Holly Madison fan, you best enjoy it when you can.

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