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Little Gary Coleman Doesn’t Unleash His Little Gary Coleman on His Wife of the Day

So it turns out that Gary Coleman never banged the chick he married which makes you wonder why the fuck he married her to begin with. I figure it has to do with him not having a big enough penis, but from my experience watching midget porn, they all have bigger dicks than you, which I know isn’t saying much, but it’s saying something about you….and maybe why you don’t get laid either. But worst case scenario she could just shove his entire body in her like some reverse giving birth shit that blows reverse cowboy out of the bedroom…..

Maybe this chick is a lesbian that just wants to get into the spotlight because she knew that despite this fucker being a washed up star from the 70s with no money he still gets media attention….Maybe she has a fetish to marry and not fuck midget who she saw watching reruns of his show and decided that she would marry him when he was a washed up and poor because she has realistic expectations for herself….because marrying an actual celebrity isn’t that easy, I’ve tried.

I guess what it comes down is that she’s just a racist.

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