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Ellen Trying to Voice Her Useless Lesbian Opinion of the Day

John McCain doesn’t like Gays marrying, probably because he’s 80 and a republican and gays didn’t exist in the 20s and still don’t exist to republicans. The only reason I am posting this is because Ellen comes at John McCain with some emotional drivel about how she thinks she’s isolated and it hurts her feelings that she couldn’t get gay married up until recently and as the leader of the lesbian movement, should probably consider coming at him with some tangible logical arguments other than how it makes her feel like the last one picked for the lesbian softball game and I am disappointed.

Either way, I agree that everyone deserves the right to legally bind their love even if it’s homo, But I do know that these gays have know idea what they are getting themselves into. Marriage isn’t all the media makes it out to be, it’s something that people think they have to do it after college otherwise they aren’t real women and guys agree because of love, lack of anything better to do and to avoid arguments and enter phase one of being good little members of middle-management society.

What I do know is that after having been married, I think it’s safe to say that I wish this shit was illegal for straight people too.

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