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Oliva Munn Exploits Virgin, Gamer, Geek Losers of the Day

I don’t like Olivia Munn at all. I don’t think she’s hot. In fact, I know she’s not hot, but for some reason she’s got a small fanbase and that reason is her serious aggressive hustle. Bitch tries so fucking hard to get noticed, constantly trying to get featured in magazines and shit and it all started one day when she realized that virgin loser gamer geeks who can’t get pussy are pretty fucking loyal to Star Wars and other Geek shit, that means they’ll be loyal to a girl they think they can relate to. So she moved in on a fucking internet generation of people who can’t get laid and became the half naked, fun, cool in the eyes of virgin losers character and the whole thing is exploitative….

Today she posted this picture with this statement on twitter:

Shooting Comicon skit this week… Why the hell does my costume have to be so tiny?!!

Shit is like moving in on North America and telling the natives to take this bottle of whiskey and gasoline to huff in exchange for their land. Or like Europeans showing up on a beach in Africa and asking all the tribes people to get on a fucking boat at gunpoint to become workers in fields and shit. It’s like recruiting Asian immigrants and their dynamite skills to blow the fuck up when building the railroad…It’s like paying Mexicans 2 dollars a day to clean up after your bratty fucking kids…

Virgin loser Geeks who are into comics, anime, computer games and other boring shit can’t control themselves when they see this shit and I think it needs to be stopped. They are going to give them a sensory overload and their brains are going to blow the fuck up, especially since they all they they have a chance with her if they don’t already think they are dating her because being accessible to losers is the only way an ugly chick can be confused for a hot chick….This will make them run out and rape the girl with Downs Syndrome down the street or someshit…

So I am starting an End Oliva Munn campaign that I will probably forget about in a few hours because I tend to never think of this twat. Targeting virgin loser guys to be your fans, is like me targeting homeless teen runaways and offering them soup. It’s too fucking easy.

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