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Gemma Atkinson Blue Bikini Pictures of the Day

Gemma Atkinson is some kind of Glamour model which basically means a big breasted whore who lets shitty magazines take pictures of her half naked for people like you to jerk off to because you’ve watched too much real porn in your life and it’s getting played out.

She manages to always pop up in bikinis on beaches, like she’s got nothing better to do but that makes for a good life compared to all you fuckers who are sitting in front of a computer. I guess whoever she’s dating, has a pretty good life too because he is probably a footballer and it seems like they are in high demand. Every slut in the UK is jumping on footballer dick like they are some kind of fashion accessory that determine whether you’re a real UK slut or just a try hard.

It’s some kind of trend, like when the strippers I knew all went out and saved up for breast implants because everyone else was doing it and if you didn’t have them you wouldn’t get invited to any of the exclusive stripper parties and all the other strippers would look down on you and make you feel like you weren’t the real deal.

Either way, here she is in a bikini.

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