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Gemma Ward for Old Times in Vogue Australia of the Day


Gemma Ward was a massive model a few years ago…I’m thinking 5 years ago..and then she virtually disappeared…until today…today is her big coming out party…but not in a homo at your high school way, in more of a “hey look, I’m old but still hot”…

She is probably best known for being Australian, for having sex with Heath Ledger, for being in the movie The Strangers in doll face…because all models want to act to seemingly have more purpose…or maybe she’s not known at all, and I guess she doesn’t need to be, because she’s made millions off her look and sometimes that’s all the stamp of approval you need in this pre-instagram, doesn’t care about likes because she’s done it without social media…world…

Well she’s back..she’s also a mom…which ruins everything, mainly her vagina, but models are pretty slutty, so that was probably already ruined long ago..

Here she is for Vogue Australa..

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Gemma Ward Underboob of the Day


Here’s a little Gemma Ward under tits…because models don’t usually have tits, so when they do, we need to celebrate….and models don’t generally do under tits…it’s like they are college girls at some frat parties…models aren’t supposed to do that…so when they do…we need to celebrate…I mean I am drunk all the time which is like a celebration…but why does it feel so sad…I blame sucking at life…

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