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Hayden Panettiere Is a Dude of the Day

Hayden Panettiere has always been built like a dude and like the girl in my highschool who was asked to leave the girl’s washroom cuz they thought she was a dude when she was 13, she’s only gonna get more and more dyke as she get’s older….

She is disgusting and I never understood why everyone was so into her. I can only assume it was just the power of media because she was marketed as a hot young thing despite being built like a male midget who gets shot out of cannons at the circus….because the power of media makes dudes think they are supposed to find specific girls hot..even when they aren’t…and if we don’t find them hot…we feel like we may be gay and we don’t want people thinking we are a bunch of closet cases…we listen to what we are told…and repeat it…even if listening to what we are told makes us look like bigger closet caases…becuase the bitch we are freaking out over is a dude…..

I always found her vile, but realize that pussy is just pussy and as long as there’s a promise that there’s a pussy…thats good enough for us…

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