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Gene Simmons Sex Tape of the Day

Gene Simmons Sex Tape Scandal
Gene Simmons Sex Tape Scandal
Gene Simmons Sex Tape Scandal

Gene Simmons is known for having slept with a ton of women and he’s always part of the trashiest events, so I am not surprised that he found himself a hot groupie slut to fuck. I am surprised that he let this leak onto the internet because he already has a boatload of money and this shit isn’t going to make any one think he’s any cooler. Not to mention most people would rather watch the news than a porn starring Simmons, but that’s just because we like to stay on top of world events, we’re cultured like that.

If anything it’s just going to ruin his relationship, but then again, he’s dating some Playboy porn slut so she probably knows all about what his dirty little secrets, they just kept that shit off the show because America wouldn’t approve of what he does when he’s on the road….or in this case in the bed, even though dude’s not even married making this not even adultery because the iron fist and shackles that is the rules of marriage don’t really apply for him and just a good old time with some young hot willing pussy, who is obviously trying to make a name for herself in one of the weirdest ways possible, but then again sluts don’t always think strategy through, they just see famous cock and figure fucking it makes them more important than their useless slut friends, but this one was smart enough to capture it on film with what’s got to be a hidden camera .

Either way, seeing Gene Simmons fuck is about as appealing as watching your mom and dad fuck, which is pretty fucking appealing, but that’s just because I am into amateur porn now, not that plastic mainstream over produced shit is played the fuck out, and your mom really knows how to take it up the ass….

Point of all this is to say that there is no guarantee this is him, but it looks like him, so I am going with real and a publicity stunt for god knows what because I didn’t see any penetration and this could just be simulated sex. Someone told me he is pushing an energy drink and this girl is the spokesperson for it and someone else told me he’s got a new show coming out….it just seems like good timing..

If You Want the Uncensored Clips and Some Huge Fucking Tits From the Video…..

Check Out Gene’s Secret Site and Decide if this is Legit for Yourself because I am No Expert…at anything….

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