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Paris Hilton’s Grabbing Some Vagina of the Day

This lesbian movement is getting out of han. Pairs is copying Lohan’s flow by getting with Ronson’s twin sister, oh, right, that’s not a Ronson that’s one of the Good Charlotte Twins, but since they are both androngynist identity crisis try hards, I figure they are pretty much the same fucking thing and they both do a good job ruining the idea that twins fuck each other because it is like masturbating fantasy that has carried me through the hard times because I am weird.

Here she is trying to find his penis because it isn’t decided whether he has one or not and I am not really ready to find out because seeing penis isn’t really my thing, especially post Paris Hilton vagina penis because I hate being reminded what herpes looks like, not because Paris Hilton herpes jokes are old and tired like her vagina, but because it is the truth and sometimes I’m just not down for the truth.

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