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Paris Hilton’s Grabbing Some Vagina of the Day

This lesbian movement is getting out of han. Pairs is copying Lohan’s flow by getting with Ronson’s twin sister, oh, right, that’s not a Ronson that’s one of the Good Charlotte Twins, but since they are both androngynist identity crisis try hards, I figure they are pretty much the same fucking thing and they both do a good job ruining the idea that twins fuck each other because it is like masturbating fantasy that has carried me through the hard times because I am weird.

Here she is trying to find his penis because it isn’t decided whether he has one or not and I am not really ready to find out because seeing penis isn’t really my thing, especially post Paris Hilton vagina penis because I hate being reminded what herpes looks like, not because Paris Hilton herpes jokes are old and tired like her vagina, but because it is the truth and sometimes I’m just not down for the truth.

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Paris Hilton and The Good Charlotte Sister are No More of the Day

So it turns out that Paris Hilton has finally come to her senses and dropped this whole lesbian theme that’s been going down the last couple months in Hollywood because it was overbearing and her career went to shit, by leaving her lesbian lover Benji Madden. The rumor is that she’s moved onto the CEO of Myspace named Chris DeWolfe, which is pretty appropriate considering that Myspace is dying as fast as Paris Hilton’s career and this is the kind of thing that a company in extreme desperation would try to stage to get back in the news……

Now I hate Paris Hilton as much as I hate Benji Madden and his suburban rockstar/popstar bullshit image with his fake tattoos, his sex with his twin brother that isn’t gay because it’s like they are masturbating since they are the same person, but I don’t hate either of them as much as I hate Myspace, because neither Paris or Good Charlotte fucked me over personally, I can just ignore their retarded behavior, but Myspace deleted my profile that I was trying to use to get famous like I was Tila Tequila and that shit’s not at all forgivable, kinda the same feeling Chris DeWolfe will feel when Paris Hilton moves onto new cock and he realizes that he threw away his marriage for this subpar broken down vaginaed slut in some act of desperation, mid-life crisis or just plane dirty ol’ man maneuvering.

Here is Paris Hilton celebrating the fact that she’s fucking an old man at the Playboy mansion with other whores who fuck an old man…..it’s nice to see like-minded people finally finding each other, it’s like when two socially awkward people who have no friends in their local towns, but find each other on the internet and end up marrying and living a happy life they otherwise wouldn’t live, but the lingerie, fake tit, blonde, get paid too much money to get naked and fuck on camera because we don’t consider ourselves everyday strippers/whores version…..

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Paris Hilton’s Tits Rock Out With Good Charlotte Sister of the Day

Paris made another appearance with the Good Charlotte sister, only this time it was in Vegas at a club because hosting events is pretty much the extent of Paris Hilton’s contribution to the world.

She is wearing some kind of miracle bra that would piss you off if you ever met a girl in a club with tits like this and brought her home to find out she’s staked like a 12 year old fat kid, but I guess that’s not really anything you’d know first hand, since the girls you get don’t actually exist and are just things you fantasize about in your depressing basement apartment.

I guess you could understand the frustration if you switched your fantasy up a little. So next time you jerk off, imagine the girl who you picked up at some exclusive event, with tits bigger than your head gets into your exotic sports car and starts suckin’ your 10 inch dick. Once you get her back to your luxury hotel suite that costs you 2500 dollars a night, but that doesn’t phase you because you’re so rich, she starts to undress. First the dress comes off, and her body is banging in some expensive sexy lingerie set and you pounce on her like a rabid dog. You go for her tits and all you find are silicone inserts and a really strong push-up wire bra that you awkwardly try to take off but can’t so she does it for you and next thing you know you’re trying to stick your dick into you best friend from elementary school who you spent everyday of summer vacation with.

I guess that’s the beauty of fantasy, they always go into weird dark places but no one needs to know how fucked the shit that makes you cum is. It’s your little secret to yourself. Kinda like when the Good Charlotte sister used to dyke out on each other back when they were 14 and experimenting their sexuality together. It’s their little secret that is only remembered by the matching soul-mate tattoos they got, but they never re-visit except when fuckin’ their 14 year old boy lookin’ girlfriends.

I guess the only thing faker than Paris’ Cleavage and Good Charlotte’s rockstar persona, because that shit is posing harder than the bra is squeezing her tits, is this staged relationship. Enjoy.

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