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Georgina Stojiljkovic for Grazia Serbia of the Day

Georgina Stojiljkovic is a Serbian model, so it would make sense that she would be on the cover of Grazia Serbia, a fashion magazine. I am sure there are a lot of Serbian models, so that’s not to discredit all that she has accomplished in her career, saying – put the Serbian in the Serbian magazine….Eastern Europe produces babes….

I am only interested in this because nipples on the cover of a magazine – that isn’t a porn magazine – or a catalog for mail order brides – or some brothel menu – like it should be…. because I like how a nipple can be seen as art – until I put it on this site and it becomes porn – the worst porn – but porn to all advertisers…I guess I’m magical.

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Georgina Stojiljkovic is Eastern European Babe of the Day


Georgina Stojiljkovic is in some Serbian version of some fashion magazine – and she is posing all Glamourous and luxurious – because there are billionaires who are over the top in Eastern Europe, long gone are the days of cold cement floors and no running water…and when you’re a babe – like Georgina Stojiljkovic you don’t really need to make those billions, because those billionares will make you…with their penis….sex work comes in all forms because people like to come.

I know nothing about her, I didn’t even google her, because why bother, she’s lovely enough for me….to look at in a photoshoot of who the fuck cares…

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Georgina Stojiljkovic Topless in Tank Magazine of the Day

I don’t know who this communist Georgina Stojiljkovic is, but I know she’s topless in some magazine and that works for me….I mean I’ve heard that Russian girls are all spoiled bitches in the worst way now that they don’t live in work camps on rationed ammenities, but in my mind they are still the kind of bitch you can save and control by showing pictures of their war torn neighborhood with threats of sending them bac… FOLLOW ME

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