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The New Ghostbusters do Elle Because they ARe Women of the Day


I don’t have any issue with the modern day feminism.

I am all for keeping women happy so they shut the fuck up and stop complaining. I understand that women are the deciding force, especially when it comes to going to movies, so now movies are being produced for women, empowering them, whatever…because guys are just as happy sitting on the couch jerking off….going to the theatre takes away from that….

I don’t even care that they took “iconic” characters from our youth and repurposed them for women – girl power or some shit…

I just think it looks like a shitty cash grab for writer / creator and original star Dan Ackroyd, who was writing this movie when his BFF Jon Belushi died….cursed…and more importantly…it looks like garbage….

But let’s put them in ELLE magazine, even the fat ones….because women read Elle and they need them to get in the damn theatre dammit…they have money to make…

So here’s Kristen Wigg – the hottest who isn’t that hot one…and the others…who gives a fuck what their names are…

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The First Look at Ghostbusters The Menstrual Cycle Years of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.45.26 AM

I love how feminists, or people who call themselves feminists, since I like to think of myself as a feminist, who celebrates women everyday, even if I tell them that their only purpose is to make me cum, and once I’ve cum I’m done with them…unless of course they’re making a sandwich….or dinner..etc.

The word “misogynist”…is just so overused, thrown out as quickly as a rape accusation that never goes to court…but that labels a poor drunk guy who banged a drunk girl with regrets..

Yes, I know sometimes it is actual rape…that’s why you need consent forms before sex. Cover your asses…

So people get all mad that they are using a girl cast in Ghostbusters, because film companies know that the market is female and that only girls pay to go to movies….if you notice all content is designed for women now.

They don’t understand that remaking ghostbusters is a terrible idea, not to mention casting women is an even worst idea…and sure people will watch it “just because”…but that doesn’t mean it’s worth seeing.

It’s one of those “let’s see how bad this is”…when the resources could have gone into doing something good…idiots

So am I a woman hater because I think girl ghostbusters on their periods, killing Ghosts with PMS, is a bad idea in a Ghostbuster remake? I doubt it….I am a woman hater because my mom never breast fed me, she was too busy sleeping around…

I am not actually a woman hater, I am a Ghostbusters remake hater….but you can call me a misogynist – I get that all the time and have been getting that since the late 90s….and I’m fine with it…

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