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Gigi Paris Butt Shot of the Day

There are thousands of girls on my instagram, around 7,000 girls on my instagram, who aren’t actually on my instagram, but who I follow because I am a fucking creep – who take better pics, sluttier pics, more naked pics, and have more followers than Gigi Paris…

They are more successful, more interesting, more creative, more amazing than Gigi Paris…

They’ve get work, are younger, tighter, and more amazing than Gigi Paris….

They have hundreds of thousands of followers, but if I told you their names you wouldn’t remember their names, not that I remember their names, but I see them pop up here and there and think “I should do a post on this babe”….but never do..

Yet here I am putting up a pic or two of Gigi Paris…someone who is a virtual unknown, with 50,000 followers, who no one cares about….but I’m lazy…and it’s availble…so why dig for content when it’s emailed to me…right…maybe that will be my resolution for 2017…but I never stick to that shit so why bother..

Especially when the low level shit I recycle is massive hard nipple tits in a sweater…

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Gigi Paris in E-Commerce Pictures of the Day

Jehane 18

I fucking hate catalog pics…whether they are for a company’s e commerce store…or for their actual catalog…they are always so badly shot, so uninteresting to look at, and they always make the model look like shit, like this Gigi Paris girl who has being going semi viral recently and people are talking about her…but in this shoot…she looks like she’s pushing 40….while pushing shitty bikinis…I can’t imagine anyone looking at thinking “oh I want that”…

People need to stop being so fucking safe…and Christian…these are models, this is their job…make them crawl on all fours for it…


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Gigi Paris for Acacia Swimwear of the Day

Gigi Paris did a topless jeans campaign a few months ago. She’s not famous, she’s a low end model, the discount bargain basement bin model, just trying to make it, that’s what she gave herself such a silly fucking name, and I guess she booked some catalog work, which although pays well enough to pay your rent pretty consistently, and if you’re good you’re in once a week, but that is boring, low grade, work…that if it wasn’t half naked in picture, I’d suggest you don’t bother looking at it…but since it is half naked, and her ass is this good, I would suggest…staring at it…because why the fuck not…I mean lets be real, what the fuck else are you doing today…


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GiGi Paris for Neave Bozorgi of the Day

GiGi Paris is a model.

In 2010 she was an A-Cup, but it seems that her decisions in modelling have taken her down a different route, that involves breast implants, which is actually something that 90 percent of bikini models have and really not that big of a deal in the event you think I care whether these tits are real or not, when not touching them, and not absurd, it really is irrelevant to me. Plus I fucked a bunch of fake tits and they aren’t always ridiculous as they look.

That said, this is some campaign of her by some photographer named Neave, who may not be the best there is, but he’s got a huge instagram following and I guess that means people like his work..

I just prefer when black and white doesn’t happen, unless it is shot on black and white film, otherwise it’s just lame…like trying to be artistic or something..that would be more interesting if his art involved spread vag.

Either way, she’s a babe enough for me to look at.

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Gigi Paris is Naked for Chris Shintani of the Day

Her name is Gigi Paris. She’s not all that famous yet, but she’s doing the rounds of hipster modelling, and the cool kids are taking notice…like this photographer named CHRIS SHINTANI who she got naked for…I don’t know if it was for a campaign, or money, or just for fun, because getting naked is awesome for everyone, at least that’s what I tell girls I am trying to get naked…who never seem to believe me or trust my intentions, because I’m stroking my penis while I tell them to undress…it happens to even the most professional of us…

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Instagram Model GIGI Paris Photoshoot of the Day

Her name is Gigi Paris. She’s an LA instagram model, because these LA instagram models are making serious moves..

They are getting followers, they are working with big photographers, they are running instagram hard, and they are taking pics for brands for free, like some kind of street team that make brands realize they don’t have to pay bitches to figure-head or spokesmodel their shit, since so many rich kids want the model life, or the model stamp of approval…

They aren’t as tall as the paid models, they aren’t as hot as the paid models, but they have more eagerness and drive and are on DIY hustle…that seems to be working…if being an instagram model who doesn’t get paid, except in “LIKES” is considered working…

I don’t hate this bitch, she’s part of the new social media stardom…the Tila Tequila of her generation…like all her friends…and I’ll stare at all her free shoots she does for bikini companies like it matters…because it is still a girl in a bikini…or in this case flashing her ass…

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Gigi Paris for Steve Shaw of the DAy

Her name is Gigi Paris and I think I am in love with her…

I’ve been following her on instagram for a while, even though I hardly use INSTAGRAM to stalk girls the way I am sure most dudes who aren’t desensitized or around girls all the time stalk girls…I mean 80 percent of instagram traffic is dudes using it to either jerk off to tricks or try to sleep with tricks…it’s a hot bed for creepers…and I’m by far not the most creepy, since that would require work…I’m much more into following girls into the bathroom, their bedroom, home when I see them on the bus…you know real life romance, because I won’t let the internet ever ruin that for me…

So it was with great joy that I saw these pics that Steve Shaw, the photographic genius founder of TREATS posted…from a campaign he booked her for,,

Her little model implants look so good, but they’d look better in my mouth, probably not visually for other people, I haven’t shaved in 6 months or more, but from a POV…because I’m in love and that’s how love manifests itself…

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