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I am – Hometown Hotties Finalist Gillian of the Day


When I go out partying I have pretty high standards for chicks. I don’t like to look at ugly people, because I am forced to look at my ugly wife all day, and everyday ugly people just don’t exist to me, other than my wife, but I only notice her because of her sleep apnea and the sounds she makes while eating. Anyway, when I go to the bars I tend to go to, hot is few and far between. Sometimes I catch myself looking at my fat man tits wondering how good they’d look in a push-up bra, but I still go out hoping to see hot ass.

The same goes for Hotties contests. When I look to a Hotties contest, I want to see Hotties, and maybe hotties are hard to come across these days, I still want to see them. I am not sure how Gillian made the cut, but I can assume that she’s got a team of monkeys voting for her 24/7 because that’s what they do in Bakersfield California. The only other explanation is that she did work for Disneyland in Hong Kong and we all know that Disney makes dreams come true, because he was a pedophile and that line worked on all the kids he seduced with his cartoons, but either something magical went down.

Don’t get me wrong, Gillian is ok looking, but she’s not Hometown Hottie material and I have no idea how she made it into the top 10. First off she’s 5 ft 2, not 5 ft 2 and 95 lbs can be cute to look at because lots of guys do like smaller chicks to have as girlfriends, but I don’t think anyone who looks like a little 12 year old elf could be called hot or categorized as a hottie even with that magic push up bra, but I’d still let her change my diaper when playing infantilism sex games….I think she should be disqualified and that’s enough for the review because Maxim is going to sue me if I keep this up much longer because I already know who I want to win.

Only 2 more Hometown Hotties to go….


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