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Gina Lisa Lohink’s Germany’s Next Top Model’s Sex Tape of the Day

This Gina Lisa Lohink was on Heidi Klum hosted Germany’s Next Top Model and that’s the reason you have no idea who she is. She didn’t make it through to the finals, but ended up landing some kind of career working on a travel show but I guess the blow to her ego that she lost left her unsatisfied. German’s aren’t good losers, so she took the Paris Hilton school of fame by releasing a sex tape to become a household name.

So somewhere out there, a video of this bitch in PVC sucking off her boyfriend is floating around, I don’t have it, but I do have these nude pics of her. The truth is when I heard a German Next Top Model had a sex tape, I was expecting a little more than PVC wearing blowjobs, that shit is tame. I thought German’s were fucked up militant freaks who consider missionary position when you shove a loaded gun down each other’s throats, cuddling is when you shit on each other’s faces and doggy style meant gas chambering some Jews, Fags and Retards.

I just have a couple of the nude pics, they are good enough for a Friday.

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