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Obama’s Sisters Fightin of the Day

Here’s a girl fight that was sent into me and I figured I had to post it because the dude filming it is fucking hysterical. He says something like “Oh She’s got her pussy on her face” and I laughed. I don’t think they are actually Obama’s sisters, but black guys refer to each other as brothers, so I figured they call each other sisters too, but I am not that engrained in the black community so I don’t really know. All I know is that these girls go at each other pretty hard, making the American ghetto the real African Safari, fuck watching zebras and lions eat their young and shit, get this up on the nature channel, because poverty and addiction bring out human’s animal instincts and I know that I like seeing a couple poor crackheads go at it……..On a side note, I love when the dude filming says “I’m going to make some money off these motherfuckers…”, he is amazing, someone needs to get him a TV show…..

Video Sent In Via Scuzzy.tv

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