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Girls Next Door do Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Shower of the Day

I hate this Girl’s Next Door bullshit 3-way relationship Hef hustles. It annoys me that these whores are even known for more than just appearing in Playboy one issue. It is a fake love affair where he gets bitches are on payroll to pretend prostitute themselves to him to generate buzz , and if this lie was real, Hef and these bitches would be in fuckin’ jail.

It is fantasy designed to sell the Playboy brand. That’s why 3 girls agree to live together and pretend to date the same 80 year old, thinking it will advance their career while the pay is better than working the diner back home, and when they are built up, Hef replaces them for fresh pussy he wants to make money off of, while giving them all spinoff careers that he makes money off of, keeping the wheels on the machine in motion.

Either way, Kendra is pregnant, her fake tits are fatter than they once were, her fear of being able to breast feed a baby without poisoning it probably haven’t set in yet, and her fake friends threw her a fake babyshower, I am sure all paid for by Playboy….

Read some serious bullshit about the event like it’s actual fucking news, when really it is just some glorified press release for Playboy….

September 9th, 2009. Former Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquart throws a “surprise” baby shower for Kendra Wilkinson at Hugh Hefner’s personal assistant, Mary O’Connorís house. Earlier in the day Playboy Playmates and Hefner’s current girlfriends, Kristina Shannon, Karissa Shannon, and Crystal Harris were seen picking up balloons and gifts for the party in a chauffer driven limo.

Prior to the party former Girl Next Door star, Holly Madison, was seen taking out the trash, eating a pickle, and receiving pizza delivery for the party, “I got kicked out of the mansion, so I had to get a second job delivering pizza”she joked with a photographer. Numerous other women attended the party including Kendraís mother Patti and her Grandmother.

Making a fashionably late entrance, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner arrived at the party in his chauffer driven limo with the vanity plate “1 HEF.” Hefner gathered his three girlfriends and left teh party after staying a little more than 30 minutes. Insiders reported that an altercation between Hefner’s new girlfriends and other women at the party had occurred.

What baby shower would not be complete without a homosexual male dressed in a baby outfit. A man identified as Jonny Makeup arrived to the party dressed in a baby costume telling the photographers, “Kendra is going to change her first diaper”.

Partygoers dined on delivered Pizza Hut brand Pizza, Carmela Louise Catering, and Sunday Scoops Ice Cream compliments of Dandy Donís Homemade Ice Cream. Kendra and Bridget Marquart, both dressed in baby blue, gave each other a hug goodbye as they walked to their cars at the partys conclusion. Holly Madison and Jonny Makeup made an encore exit when Holly picked up Jonny and they both fell to the ground crashing into a row of trash bins. Right before Kandra departed she stood next to her car and started posing with a large mason jar filled with pickles.

The entire event was filmed by a Playboy camera crew.

Posin’ with pickles, fags dressed in diapers, and …The entire event was filmed by a Playboy camera crew. Fuck yourself Kendra, I hope you have a still birth….cuz no baby deserves a whore of a mother and it’s too late for abortions or miscarriages…..

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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