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Lady Gaga Tryin’ to Be Dramatic of the Day

Lady Gaga’s life is like a far too long, played out high school play that was writen by the girl no one talked to who had a thing for old movies. The quality of her acting is fucking garbage and the storyline is weak…..

Her facial expressions and dramatic performance is like the time my highschool friend turned drag queen thought he got his period after convincing us he was pregnant for 3 months, something we all knew was impossible but didn’t want to upset him about and instead went along with it, cuz he was a little unstable. Only she looks more like a dude/ Marilyn Manson with that nose and weak chin than he did….

I hate her. She is annoying and I don’t know what this glamour hollywood from the ’50s bullshit is, but it’s fuckin’ nauseating…she’s not Marilyn Monroe being carted off to prison for having mob ties, or fuckin’ Audrey Hepburn coming out of a fucking abortion clinic with a man she’s having extra marital affairs with, she’s a tacky piece of garbage who doesn’t deserve the attention she’s getting….but what do I know….

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