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Danielle Mason is Some Chubby White Trash of the Day

Danielle Mason is some UK “Glamour Model”, a concept I don’t understand, but assume has to do with the UK having some pretty ugly grey skinned women married to really blue collar dudes with no tastes, because every single one of these UK “Glamour Models” looks like a fucking pig to me, especially when they are caked up in make-up and wearing cheap sexshop underwear like the stripper I wouldn’t bother getting a lap dance from…or in Danielle Mason’s case, carting around a cake and showing off their gunt like they’re in shape, while letting everyone know they have pretty much given up on their career as a “Glamour Model” but has taken up emotional eating since it makes everything okay, like those years of abuse and a failed career as a public whore, at least until she hits 400 pounds and dies of heart disease.

I know these are boring…but they go up anyway.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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