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Playstation 3 Game God of War Erotic Ad of the Day

There was a time when I tried to get an ad from Rockstar Games for Grand Theft auto. I was like that game beats up hookers and is based on stealing and being bad and was a perfect fit for this site. They rejected me. In my mind it was going to be my big break, I was going to get the 100,000 dollars they pay all the other sites to advertise, and I was gonna be able to leave my wife, move to the islands and fuck locals while eating coconuts and shit, but instead they fucking rejected me. They told me they weren’t interested in being on my kind of site and that pretty much paved the fucking way for me to never land an ad deal, barely breaking even on the money I do make, cuz hosting the site costs a fucking fortune, not that you care…but I do…and when I see ads for videogames like this God of War bullshit, that is pretty much an animated lesbian orgy, something the virgin loser gamers with no game have already jerked off to a dozen times the last hour, cuz they have build up, I get pretty mad. It’s like Playstation can endorse this shit but not my shit….and the whole thing makes me pretty fucking angry, but since you’re probably a virgin loser gamer with no game, it’s my job to post this for you to fall in love with more inanimate things….cuz real girls are so complicated while computer generated girls are so open minded cuz they are all programmed by other virgin loser gamers with no game, so they know exactly what you want.

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