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Demi Lovato Erotica of the Day

Demi Lovato Slutty

Demi Lovato is such dog shit of a person…just a fucking humanoid robot who rides the trends, navigates what is popular, and does whatever it takes to get her boxy body as famous as she can, and she’s done a really good job of it…people go to her concerts…

I just find there a level of shamelessness and disgusting when the Disney Kid uses every excuse or angle to get more famous…more attention or to justify her actions…she’s an excuse maker…

Now I don’t really know anything about Demi Lovato, other than news I’ve heard over the year, I mean she’s a Disney Kid with a Solo music career and a large hispanic population, or some shit, and she sells records to idiots who buy into mainstream, commercial nonsense…

But I hate that she’s a flip flopper on being a bull dyke, when she’s built like a bull dyke, but more importantly, I hate that she played some body empowerment, no make-up angle when she was fat and in a fake relationship with a gay man, and now she’s got Drag Queen make-up with her tits out…it’s like choose an angle…are you a fat empowered chick or a trashy instagram slut, because you can’t be both….or you can’t be what’s convenient…I mean you can because no one cares enough to call her out on being a shapeshifter, do whatever is popular and people forget because of brainwashing tactics she learned by the PEDOS that run DISNEY…either way…

Demi Lovato is annoying.

Here’s a promo video for her concerts…

[jwplayer mediaid=”556267″]

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Playstation 3 Game God of War Erotic Ad of the Day

There was a time when I tried to get an ad from Rockstar Games for Grand Theft auto. I was like that game beats up hookers and is based on stealing and being bad and was a perfect fit for this site. They rejected me. In my mind it was going to be my big break, I was going to get the 100,000 dollars they pay all the other sites to advertise, and I was gonna be able to leave my wife, move to the islands and fuck locals while eating coconuts and shit, but instead they fucking rejected me. They told me they weren’t interested in being on my kind of site and that pretty much paved the fucking way for me to never land an ad deal, barely breaking even on the money I do make, cuz hosting the site costs a fucking fortune, not that you care…but I do…and when I see ads for videogames like this God of War bullshit, that is pretty much an animated lesbian orgy, something the virgin loser gamers with no game have already jerked off to a dozen times the last hour, cuz they have build up, I get pretty mad. It’s like Playstation can endorse this shit but not my shit….and the whole thing makes me pretty fucking angry, but since you’re probably a virgin loser gamer with no game, it’s my job to post this for you to fall in love with more inanimate things….cuz real girls are so complicated while computer generated girls are so open minded cuz they are all programmed by other virgin loser gamers with no game, so they know exactly what you want.

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Amanda Seyfried Beastiality Erotica of the Day

Here is Amanda Seyfried paying tribute to the reason she is starring in every shitty teenage girl movie being produced today by reenacting frenching a bitch, only instead of her frenching that Megan Fox the weird thumbed, plastic surgery has-been holding onto her fame and sex appeal as hard as she can because a career based on guys wanting to fuck you only lasts so long, unless you’re Pam Anderson who is pretty much married to that David loser from the original 90210 bitch, this bitch is a dog….

The whole thing is weird, but I’m not gonna lie, I am a dog owner and sometimes things get a little hotter and heavier than they should, mainly because dogs can’t tell on you and love the taste of peanut butter, that’s not a lie and really, when it comes to eating my wife’s disgusting pussy out, and have the option to send him in instead of me, I really have no choice cuz it’s better him than me, not to mention it really does look like he enjoys it….so maybe the real animal cruelty is not letting your dog eat out your wife…fuckin’ PETA….

Pics via Bauer

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Some Prison Erotica of the Day

Since I know you have a hard time getting laid or finding any human contact that I know you crave so much, you can always get yourself arrested, cuz with being arrested comes prison rape….I don’t know if this is serious or a joke but I am going with serious and it is pretty fucking descriptive and I don’t think that is a good thing…I just know if I was a gay dude, prison would be like a fucking dream….

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Whoopi Goldberg’s Erotic Moment of the Day

I have a thing for Whoopi Goldberg, not because I find her hot, but because I find her sexual andongyny so confusing it is pornographic. It’s like is that a dude with long hair, or a chick who looks like a dude, and my entire life I have been fascinated with how unattractive I found her that it’s become an obsession. I remember seeing a scene in Ghost where she kissed Patrick Swayze and I felt sick to my fucking stomach, like I had accidentally walked into a gay bar and saw two dudes fagging out, and then I remember seeing her rockin’ a dress in Sister Act and realized that we were dealing with a vagina or a man dressed like a nun. Everytime I hear about her fucking dudes, or am reminded that she was dating Ted Dancing Danson, I find the whole thing a massive mind fuck that has become sexy to me…..

Here is a clip of Whoopi Kissing that Katy Perrry Kissed a Girl singer on The View. Be careful, shit is red hot.

Whoopi Goldberg’s 1st Erotic Moment
Whoopi Goldberg’s 2nd Erotic Moment
Whoopi Goldberg’s 3rd Erotic Moment
Whoopi Goldberg’s 4th Erotic Moment

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I am – Vanessa Hudgens Self-Shot Amateur Erotica of the Day


There is nothing sexier than an ugly chick who is barely 18 naked on camera for her gay boyfriend who she doesn’t now is faggot yet, because her publicist told her not to ask any question when he asks her to stick inanimate objects his ass cuz that’s the only way he cums….Except for maybe an ugly chick in a shitty movie and TV show that is probably one of the lamest concepts of all time and people everywhere are buying into it making me realize that we have no hope as a species.

There’s something really funny about girls who get naked for their boyfriends on camera, sure it almost makes sense when you are in a long distance relationship and dude needs to get off to his baby who is across the country or some shit, but for the most part, it’s not done for that reason.

Naked pics of a girlfriend are only of use to anyone when the relationship is over, when you are together with your significant other, he’s not going to jerk off to your pics, he’s going to jerk off on your face, and when you leave him for his best friend, he’s going to take those pics to the internet….or will use them to jerk off remembering the pussy that once was now that he’s not getting any and he’s out of a best friend. So my theory is that naked pics is something dudes manipulate their girls into doing as leverage, or as a back-up plan for when her vagina isn’t around anymore and I think girls go along with it because it’s this whole wanting to be the object of desire, wanted to be the hottest piece of ass, wanting guys to jerk off to you, and it’s pretty much the basis of our existance. If bitches didn’t compete to be the hottest, sexiest, most fertile, we’d live in a world of flannel pajamas, tubs of empty ice cream pints and fat asses with big mangled stinky bush…something that Vanessa Hudgens is pretty used to, I wonder if she had known this was going to hit the net if she would have made a different pubic decision, or if she’s confident in he little badger of a cunt that she’s delivered….which to me shows laziness and lack of commitment to the cause, except for maybe the candles she lit up, but that’s only because deep down inside I am a romantic…

Girls if you’re out there, lets do a little game called recreate the Vanessa Hudgens pics, and show her that you’re way more worth jerking off too, and remember all that shit I said about guys taking pics of their girls naked to exploit them is just jokes baby, anything you send me will stay between you and me, I promise….

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