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Avril Lavigne Wrestles Dudes on the Beach of the Day

The one thing I’d want to see when my wife was off in St Tropez on vacation without me, is pictures of her wrestling some dude in the sand, even if that dude is clearly a gay, but that’s just because I am lookin for any excuse to divorce my wife in a way that I still get paid by her since I’m a broke ass trick, but I’m sure the average person’s blood would boil seeing their wife fuckin’ around with other dudes on vacation, even if we all know that whenever your girl goes on vacation she ends up cheating on you, because it’s one of those out of sight out of mind situations, at least that’s what every dude I’ve ever met who has gone to a resort has told me about how the girls they bang all have boyfriends or husbands back at home, but I wouldn’t know first hand because I’m a broke ass trick.

Speaking of resorts, what I do know is that Sandals Resorts are racist…at least based on this picture of a black dude in a fuckin’ tuxedo sitting in the pool to serve some cunty high maintenance white people like some kind of man servant with no fuckin’ dignity…who they don’t even give a fuckin’ bathing suit to serve them in…it’s like “Boy, you put on this tuxedo and you serve our lazy asses cuz we don’t wanna get out of the pool but we do want a drink, your job depends on it”..

Anyway, Avril and her lame husband are clearly not together anymore, even if her thighs look chubby, like they would belong to a married woman, and I don’t know why I am writing about it.

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