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Heidi Klum Does Some Got Milk? Ad of the Day

Heidi Klum played on her German or Swiss roots by posing with a cow for some Milk campaign. I am sure it’s not the first time in her career where she had to pose with an animal and I’m not just talking about her family portraits, but the truth is that I’d like to see her in a more traditional German outfit, maybe a Nazi uniform or maybe even lying in a cold dark basement covered in feces after shooting a hot scene for their nation passtime, Scat.

I never found this Milk shit hot, I mean who gives a fuck if she’s got a white substance on her lip, that shit doesn’t make me think of giving her a facial, but instead makes me think of all those night’s I’ve busted my wife in the kitchen with a box of oreos mid binge. But since I can’t always get what I want, I guess I’ll have to settle for this.

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