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Michael Phelps Grabbing Some Ass of the Day

Michael Phelps is some hip hop fan who can now live out his dream of being gangster hustling chicks and not feel like the awkward weird lookin’ guy he is, because girls are sluts and if you are on TV, no matter how wonky lookin’ you are, you’ll still have no issue getting laid and living the hip hop dream, flossin’ his ice after melting down his 8 gold medals into an Olympic Grill and here he is at the Playboy club grabbin’ some random girl’s ass because he can and because every slut wants his water logged dick up inside them and the truth is that I am surprised Phelps can even walk around as easily as he does, I heard that the American government hasn’t let him out of the pool for the last 12 years he’s been training to be the freak that he is….but then againg I have no idea what I am talking about…..but I do know the girl in the green bikini is dumpy as fuck….enjoy…

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