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Grace Jones Interesting Outfit of the Day


I come from an era where porn was shown in art house theatres and peep shows…where tits were really only available to you in Playboy and Penthouse and Hustler and pretty hard to get your hands on, and when you did get your hands on it, you wanted to wash your hands because everyone who got to it before you had cummed to the girl, magazine in hand…which was kind of gross unless you were a faggot, which was an accepted term for a faggot at the time.

That said, the one thing that was easy, readily availabkle, unsuspecting tits was National Geographic with their tribal photography…

So old as fuck James Bond Grace Jones dressed up tribal, showed some tits on stage and the whole thing was terribly racist, but not as racist as if a white guy did it…but luckily it involved 60 year old non-tribal nipples…oretending to be tribal…which I guess is dreams coming true to someone….just not me…


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Grace Jones in a Bathing Suit With Her Young White Boyfriend of the Day

Grace Jones’ boyfriend has the right idea. Move in on the 62 year old woman cuz she has money and it’s a hell of a lot better than working the gas station you met her at….and I guess Grace Jones has the right idea too, retire with a hired white cock to carry your shit for you and fuck you on command while you sit by the pool and remember a time she used to get positive male attention, because you can…Unfortunately, her gut exploded and her ass turend 62…not that I ever found her hot…but because no one wants to see that shit …except maybe the opportunistic….but even he probably does it with his eyes shut while pinching his nose like the asthmatic kid awkwardly jumping into the pool and these pictures aren’t so pleasant, but pussy in a bathing suit is pussy in a bathing suit…and I am a firm believer in taking what you can get, which is pretty much the reason I married my wife…

Pics via Bauer

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Grace Jones is the Original Lady Gaga of the Day

Everyone gives Lady Gaga credit for the pantsless movement..that she’s made it standard uniform for the other popstars if they wanted to get noticed…and it has even started to trickle down into the mainstream and hit the girls in line-ups at clubs and I have no problem with that…cuz I love girl bodies in pretty much anything….

Sure, I used to find the pantsless shit a lot hotter back when American Apparel first released the shit, way before Gaga and I’d get girls to walk around in the privacy of my shitty apartment while my wife was at work in the shit. I liked that ass, pussy and nipples were all touching the same piece of fabric, but realized that pussy lip was substantially more exciting…so I figured leave the leotards for 8 year olds at dance recitals and Lady Gaga and her copy cat popstars who think Gaga outfits are the reason she’s so popular…even though Gaga copied Grace Jones style for the 60s and 70s….that unfotunately Grace Jones hasn’t realized it’s time to hang up cuz at 60 years old it’s just weird to look at…not that watching Gaga half naked isn’t weird, you know with her whole Dick-Clit poking out and shit….

Pics via Fame

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Grace Jones Needs to Shave her Pussy of the Day

Nothing says disgusting like an 61 year old woman with no pants on, the kin of woman who should be wearing pants, no matter how long her legs may still be, especially when she didn’t take the fucking time to shave the shit down, because bush was what mattered back when she relevant, and showing off her stubbly bikini line seems to matter today, but not in a good way….

These pictures are a few days old, you may have seen them, but after the whole Mo’Nique no shaving business, I couldn’t really process the shit until today….

Pics via Bauer

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