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Katy Perry’s Grammy Perfomance Joke of the Day

I saw a couple segments of the Grammy’s at a friend’s house. The first was Stevie Wonder’s lowest point in his career singing Superstitious with the fucking Jonas brothers. Seeing them in their fabricated, contrived dancing and performing made me almost wish I was Stevie Wonder so I wouldn’t have to see no more, because being blind may scare the fuck out of me, but seeing the Jonas brothers is a lot more painful…

The other was Katy Perry performing her painful fucking song. She did this huge production, making sure her entry was a fucking entrance everyone would remember, you know coming down from the sky like some sort of punishment from god, and despite that being obnoxious, and her tits busting out, this bitch can’t fucking dance. She was slow and awkward and looked like a fat white retiree on a cruise ship. I’ve always said this cunt was lazy, but now I’ve seen it first hand and have a harder time understanding why her and her sloppy shit is famous. Her rhythm proves she’s horrible in bed, and the only flow she has is her period and let’s hope it stays that way, because the thought of this pig reproducing depresses me.

Here are the pics, in case you miss them, since the video is garbage and Youtube will take shit down in the next 10 minutes…

Here are some pictures of Katy Perry’s tits at some Pre-Grammy Shit….

Here are some pictures of Katy Perry’s tits at some Grammy Red Carpet Shit…..

Those tits don’t save her, she’s one ugly fuck.

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