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Rihanna and Beenie Man in a Shitty Bootleg Video Grinding of the Day

Here’s a second bootleg video from the Barbados Reggae Fest, that I guess was shot on a broken camera someone in the crowd got from cleaning rooms at the resort they work at, because the quality is wonky as shit. I am posting this as a public notice to let everyone out there know that as Beenie Man is grinding up on Rihanna, she’s not wearing panties and showing her cunt to the crowd. Now if Barbados wasn’t so fucking poor and high, maybe some motherfucker would have had the fucking insight to pull out his camera and snap a shot for me, since her pussy is something I’ve been meaning to meet for a long time, but I guess based on this video, I can’t be asking for too much from the crowd cuz digital camera’s are expensive when you make 10 dollars a week. Either way, try to make out her pussy in this video, because this is the exact time she flashed the world and no one thought to capture it.

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