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Katy Perry Pretends to Play Guitar of the Day

Katy Perry is keeping things weak, fabricated, contrived, staged, fake, and totally fucking bullshit by bringing out her guitar on stage at some event somewhere in Europe.

Not only is her entire record deal and idea of talent some kind of lie I don’t fucking understand, as is the fact that people like hearing her fake sexual fantasies in song and give her attention for it, despite her dyking out being really disgusting, you know like the ugly lesbian in high school who was a lesbian because no one would take her boyish good looks to prom and vagina was the only answer, but the biggest lie of it all is that she’s got sex appeal just because she’s got big tits and some perverts give her attention for it, when in reality, she’s just fat.

So I guess seeing her rock the guitar fits in with everything else she’s doing and it’s just another reason to hate her a little more than I did yesterday. Thanks Katy Perry. You cunt.

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